/stʌd / (say stud)

1. a boss, knob, nail head, or other protuberance projecting from a surface or part, especially as an ornament.
2. a post or upright prop, as in the wall of a building.
3. any of various projecting pins, lugs, or the like on machines, etc.
4. sprig (def. 8).
5. a short rod, threaded on both ends, screwed in and projecting from something, used to fasten parts together or used as a short journal as in the change gears on a screw-cutting lathe; tap-bolt.
6. a kind of small button or fastener, commonly of metal, bone, or the like, in the form of a small knob and a disc connected by a stem, used (when passed through small buttonholes or the like) for holding together parts of clothing (as detachable collars to shirts) or for ornament.
7. ear stud.
8. stud poker.
verb (t) (studded, studding)
9. to set with or as with studs, bosses, or the like.
10. to scatter over with things set at intervals.
11. (of things) to be scattered over the surface of.
12. to set or scatter (objects) at intervals over a surface.
13. to furnish with or support by studs or upright props.
{Middle English stude, Old English studu}
/stʌd / (say stud)

1. a number of horses, as for racing or hunting, belonging to one owner.
2. an establishment in which horses, cattle, etc., are kept for breeding.
3. US a studhorse or stallion.
4. a young, physically attractive man.
5. Colloquial a notably sexually active man.
6. Also, stud gin. Obsolete Colloquial (derogatory) (racist) an Aboriginal woman used for sexual gratification by stockmen, settlers, etc., in remote areas.
7. relating to the breeding of horses, cattle, etc.
8. retained for breeding purposes.
9. at stud, (of a stallion or bull) used for breeding purposes.
10. stand at stud, (of a stallion or bull) to be available for breeding purposes.
{Middle English and Old English stōd}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

, , / (for ornament), / (for a shirt-bosom)

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